Meet Tyler Marie, Our Alumni Spotlight.

College and Major: Howard University ‘20, Finance

Workshop: University of  Baltimore County, 2015

Workshop Roles: Peer Support Specialist – UMBC, 2016


Why was it important for you to come back and serve on an Alumni Support Team? 

It’s the smallest things that make the biggest differences. My main thing is making sure that every time I reach an accomplishment or gain a leadership position, I’m able to bring someone up with me in order to create a pathway. Bringing up others in the community to reach the same heights and leadership positions is the biggest reward and blessingSeeing people transformed in those aspects fills me up. If I know someone, I’ll do everything I can to make sure I share those resources. That’s what life is about.  

What kind of growth did you experience when you PeerForward? Can you speak to what those growing moments taught you? 

I remember we had a session with just alumni where we got to debrief our experience, and it was an incredible growing moment for me. It was humbling because it allows you to realize that although you’re blessed to help others, no one is better than anyone else; there’s always someone above you to help you and nurture you and help you grow. Because we’re a family, all of us have each other 

In what way has your growth, allowed others to grow as well? 

Just by passing along what I know, I see others grow and progress into what they want. I currently serve as Howard University’s Finance and Investment organization president and every time I get a job listing or information about opportunities on campus, I share it with every freshmen and sophomore I take under my wing in the organization. I looked up to my upperclassmen, so I feel proud because I’m now in their position and I use it every chance I get.  

For example, recently, one of my good friends told me that she told me she applied for a position with Bloomberg Media. Just last semester, I interviewed for Bloomberg! I didn’t get it, but I was ready to make sure she did. Even though our schedules were busy, we still took five hours helping her prepare; I ran her through every part of that interview. I told her all the trick questions, helped her figure out how she was going to tell her storyand how she could sell her experience to the Senior Managers. She got the job! Everything in life connects because, even though I didn’t get the job, I gained the experience and was able to help someone else. Even the Senior Managers thought she was the perfect candidate. 

I was so happy I could give her the information and help her prepare. 

What advice would you give to others who want to be a positive influence? 

People are not going to take the time to encourage others if they don’t have that within themselves. If I can do it, you can do it too. Leading by example and being the best possible candidate to lead at all times. You never know who you can impact.  

I still have those notes from workshops and look at them when I need encouragement. You don’t know the ripples of change you may be able to create.  

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