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student happily learns about college
student peer leader works on peer forward team mission statement and operations guide
peer leader guides students through strengths finder workshop

PeerForward Programs

We empower students to lead their peers to and through higher education.

The best predictor of college enrollment for students from low-income communities is whether they have friends who plan on going. Our model leverages that positive peer influence to drive positive results. We prepare student Peer Leaders to help themselves and their classmates pursue and earn a postsecondary degree or credential.

High School Program

FOCUS: Postsecondary Enrollment

Our summer workshops and year-round coaching trains students to become Peer Leaders, fostering a culture in their schools where continuing education beyond high school is the expectation, not the exception. 

Student Peer Leaders activate key campaigns for their peers in school: 

  • Applying to three or more colleges
  • Filing early for financial aid
  • Connecting to community and careers

College Program

FOCUS: Degree Attainment

We pick up where we left off, transforming college students into community leaders who guide their peers toward college and career success.

Student Peer Leaders activate key campaigns for their peers in college: 

  • Connecting to academic opportunity
  • Securing financial aid
  • Leading campus engagement

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Collaborate with us to foster a culture of postsecondary success at your high school or college.

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