Meet Mi’Jan, Our Alumni Spotlight

College and Major: Bowie State University ‘22, Communications

Workshop: St. John’s University, 2017

Workshop Roles: Peer Support Specialist – Daemen College, 2019

Mi’Jan aka “MC” Credle is a social influencer, artist, creator, and all-around good spirit. He speaks with us about Bulldog culture at Bowie State University and how he uses the power of being a PeerForward alumnus to contribute to that.

What does family mean to you and how do you cultivate that principle and value on your college campus?

Family to me means that no matter if we are related or not, come from the same background, if we have a deep connection or trust, loyalty with/to one another, that’s family.

On my college campus, you can ask anyone, I AM A WHOLE-HEARTED BOWIE BULLDOG UNTIL THE DAY I DIE. Like real live Fox-5, that’s my second home. So whenever I meet new students on new tours that I give around campus or just new people I meet on campus, I’m always giving some type of radiant energy because no matter where we come from we’re all here for the same thing. So, while we’re here for these four years, we might as well be family and make the most out of it.

How do you feel like the PeerForward program has helped you to shift your perspective and navigate the sense of family and connection?

Before that whole experience, I have never been apart of anything that felt like family outside of my biological family and my step team. From the first day we touched down, the energy was like nothing that I’ve ever experienced before.

The rap sessions really sealed the deal for me because it was like, no matter what you’re going through, we are all here for you. You don’t have to go through these things alone, especially because, some of us have been through those things as well. In the big and little moments, it was all about reaching one, connecting and pulling one under your wing to make sure they felt included, that’s what stuck with me. From that point forward, I always wanted to make sure whoever is around me feels included. I carry that same principle with me at Bowie State, reaching one, teaching one, and making them feel included.

What was the biggest takeaway from your PeerForward workshop? 

Both of my workshop experiences taught me how to work with different people from all different backgrounds. When you’re around so many Peer Leaders, you see that they haven’t necessarily been exposed to the things that I’ve been exposed to but we’re all able to work together because we have the same connection with PeerForward, wanting to go to college. We all had some base connection that allowed us to integrate with each other to problem-solve and work as a team.

Can you talk about why you like to network and why it’s important?

Networking is important because your NETWORTH IS YOUR NETWORK. Who knows you is important because the more people who can reference you which can lead to new job opportunities coming your way unexpectedly.

I attended the new student orientation at Bowie State and the President of Enrollment Management was conducting orientation. I kept asking questions because I was excited about college. He liked me so much that when I got rejected for a job I applied to, he got me an even better job working in admissions. Now, I’m able to be a Bulldog ambassador for my entire school. You never know who is paying attention to you, which is why it’s good to do your best, no matter how it looks. Just pull through and do your best because you never know the blessings waiting for you in that space.

How does persistence meet on the same road with purpose?

When you think you find your purpose in life, you enjoy it and you feel a sense of connection to it. Once you establish that, pursuing your dreams will lead to roads of hardships. If you enjoy something so much, you block out the negatives that come with it. For example, with my poetry, I can ignore doing an unpaid gig because I love the craft and art of it so much. Essentially, I have to ask myself, “How connected are you to that purpose?” because you will be willing to weed out the bad times to get to the milk and honey on the other side. Growth and comfort can never coexist; you can’t just be there for the hoo-rahs and glorification. If you’re willing to go through the process, that is when you’ll see the fruits of your labor.

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