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Only 22% of low-income students earn a degree by age 26, compared to 67% of high-income students. Let’s change this. Together.

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Higher education is life-changing…
We can’t let low-income students miss out.

Higher education sets the standard of living. Those with degrees are living longer, are healthier, are less likely to be unemployed, are more likely to own a home, are more likely to be civically engaged, and are more likely to have children who go to college. For too long, students in low-income and under-resourced communities– have been excluded. Let’s open those doors – and help the students not only walk through them but succeed in earning a degree. 

Helping a first-generation or low-income student attain higher education changes the trajectory of their life, their family, their community, and our nation, building a more equitable future we all want to see. 

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Why invest in PeerForward? Why be a PeerForward supporter? Our Solution is:

Proven. We’ve been doing this for well over two decades, in more than 600 schools, impacting more than half a million students, and seeing consistently positive results. 

Scalable. No other college-access or success organization taps a resource ALREADY found in every high school or college in America: influential students. This cost-effective model is scalable and sustainable.

Empowering. Our model recognizes students as powerful, influential leaders and change-makers, capable of leading their peers – and their schools and communities – to greatness.

How Your Company Can Partner with PeerForward

  • Host or Sponsor Training Camps for Peer Leaders;
  • Offer Scholarships and Stipends to Students;
  • Create with PeerForward specialized student engagement opportunities, from FAFSA workshops to career webinars.
  • Strategize together how PeerForward can help you meet your company’s philanthropic giving.
  • Make PeerForward eligible for matching donations.
  • Provide pro bono assistance for organizational capacity growth.
  • Serve on the Leadership Council or Board of Directors.
  • Build awareness among PeerForward students of specific career tracks for your industry or opportunities for internships and scholarships.
  • Amplify and/or partner with PeerForward on social media campaigns that support student campaigns.

We think you’ll be in good company, joining these Supporters!

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PeerForward Voices:


“A student came to the PeerForward event but didn’t want to apply, just listen. Our students convinced him that applying to more schools could be his first victory step towards a future career, and what’s the harm in a free application? He applied and was accepted! Peer Leadership made the difference.”

— Sunta Harris,
Advisor, Dr. Henry Wise High School


“Applying to college gives me confidence that when I go back to Syria, I can help other kids. I want my peers to feel confident about college and believe you can always change your future, follow your own lead and beliefs.”

— Waseem Bjbuj,
‘23 Central High School, Peer Leader Nazareth College ’22


“Every workshop, Peer Leaders talk about battling their obstacles and overcoming them. It pushes me to do it too. When you meet obstacles, don’t shy away. Greet them, embrace them, because overcoming is what will lead you to where you want to be and WHO you want to be.”

Chidozie Ukwandu,
Peer Leader Alumnus UMBC Class of 2022.(After completing his Biology degree, Chidozie plans on grad school & joining the healthcare field, “because that’s where the real heroes are.”)