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Graduation Spotlight: Alice Mai


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With graduation season right around the corner, we at PeerForward want to take the time to celebrate some of our amazing Alumni for their postsecondary education accomplishments. This week we are spotlighting Alice Mai, a first-generation college student, for her graduation from Temple University with a major in public health! 


We caught up with Alice to ask about the role PeerForward played in her postsecondary education experience, what inspires her, and what it means for her to get this degree! This is what she shared with us: 

A young woman in a cap and gown standing in front of an owl statue.
Alice Mai in front of the Temple University mascot “Stella the Owl.”

What does it mean to you to earn this degree? 

Earning this degree makes me feel like I can help my community. Many people don’t know what public health is. Public health is being able to help people, not only individually, but as a community as well by  educating people about the importance of their health and preventing diseases. 

What role did PeerForward play in your journey to and through college? 

Peer Forward gave me the opportunity to help others apply to college and gain leadership skills. Collaborating with other PeerForward members helped me learn how to better work in a team setting. 



A young woman in a graduation gown standing in front of a building with a College of Public Health banner.
Alice Mai standing in front of The College of Public Health.

How did your friends/peers influence, inspire, or motivate you toward your degree? How did you do the same for others?

My peers and I inspired and motivated each other by working together through it all. I would help others in need, and they would help me as well! 

What was the biggest obstacle to your postsecondary education and how did you overcome it? 

Both midterms and finals weeks were the biggest obstacles I faced. I learned to push through them by reminding myself how much this degree means to me!



Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.