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Peer Leaders activate their schools with Campaign Apply


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College application deadlines are fast approaching, and our Peer Leaders are hard at work on Campaign Apply. The purpose of Campaign Apply is for our Peer Leaders to encourage their fellow students to apply to at least three higher education institutions. When students apply to two colleges instead of just one, their chance of enrollment goes up by 40%; a third application boosts those odds by another 10%.

Curious to see Campaign Apply in practice? Check out these posts by some of our PeerForward teams! 

Our Texas Peer Leaders from Beethoven Go Center have had 100% of their graduating class apply to 10+ colleges!

Our Parkdale Peer Leaders from Maryland handed out PeerForward branded “I Applied” stickers to seniors who submitted their applications.


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Our Florida Peer Leaders from Martin County High School passed out PeerForward branded “I Applied” stickers to the seniors with the help of underclassmen.


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Our Lake Wales Peer Leaders from Florida made a fun video to highlight the “Dos and Don’ts” of college applications.

Our Bermuda Peer Leaders from CedarBridge Academy held an “Apply Day” where students completed their applications to Bermuda College and created their Bermuda Job Board and Scholarship profiles.

Our Fredrick Douglass Peer Leaders from Maryland held a “Drop Everything and Apply” event where students received help with their applications and letters of recommendation.

Our Honoka’a High School Peer Leaders from Hawai’i opened “Café College,” which is a place where students can go to receive help with their college applications.


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Our Everett High School Peer Leaders from Michigan held a Common App workshop where they helped their fellow students with their applications.

Our Envision Academy Peer Leaders from California held a college application workshop for seniors where they successfully filled up their “Apply to Three” gauge!

We are so excited to see what these teams have in store for us next. Want to see more from these teams? Follow them on Instagram and TikTok. Keep up thgreat work, Peer Leaders!