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Alumni Spotlight: Makayla Allen


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PeerForward Alumni like Makayla Allen carry the flame of a Peer Leader long after their workshop. This week, our Alumni Spotlight is on Makayla, a student at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University double majoring in finance and marketing. We caught up with her to ask about her college experience thus far and discuss why she serves as a PeerForward Alumni:


Makayla Allen tabling for the Financial Management Association.

Why do YOU serve? 

I serve because I want to be an advocate for positive change and ignite passion within those coming up after me. I’d also like to pour back into a community that made such a huge impact on my collegiate journey. Lastly, I believe spreading awareness about college and career readiness is crucial. It ensures that young individuals are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to navigate their educational and professional journeys successfully.

What has been the best part of college so far? 

The best part of attending THEE #1 PUBLIC HBCU NC A&T is the amazing people, the network I’ve built, and the countless opportunities that have come my way, along with the campus culture and Aggie Pride. Lastly, being surrounded by black excellence and knowing my peers will make their mark on the world.

How did PeerForward change your perspective of college? 

PeerForward has changed my perspective on college by encouraging me to be a ‘Forward Thinker.’ Throughout my journey in this organization, I’ve learned that challenges build character rather than diminish it. Additionally, the approach I take in any situation is unique to me, so I should use that choice for positive change. All of these realizations have allowed me to understand that college is here to elevate me to the next stage of my life.

Makayla Allen volunteering.

How have you been a positive influence to your peers in college?

I’ve been a positive influence on my peers in college by radiating contagious energy and using it to uplift each individual who crosses my path. Another way I contribute is through community service, by channeling my efforts into improving our community. I create a ripple effect of meaningful impact.

What’s one piece of college advice you’d offer Peer Leaders? 

One piece of college advice I’d offer to Peer Leaders is to stay true to themselves, remain optimistic, and learn as much as they can. It’s not easy adjusting to a new environment, and it’s even harder with a negative mindset. Also, remember why you’re in college; let your future endeavors fuel your collegiate journey in the most positive way possible.


Responses have been edited for length and clarity.