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PeerForward welcomes Baja Poawui as the new Chair of our National Alumni Council


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PeerForward is pleased to announce that Baja Poawui has been promoted to Chair of our National Alumni Council (NAC)! Baja attended her workshop at Randolph College in 2008. Beyond Peer Leadership, she has also served as an Alumni Leader, Tech Coordinator, Writing Coach, College Coach, Writing Coach Coordinator, and Assistant Workshop Director. Her hard work and dedication to our cause makes her the perfect fit for this position on the NAC.


The PeerForward National Alumni Council (NAC) is a strategic and voluntary body designed to harness the collective power of Alumni who have completed the PeerForward program. The NAC’s mission is to foster a connected and engaged Alumni network, providing essential resources and support to empower undergraduate Alumni in their academic and career pursuits.

Baja Poawui with fellow PeerForward Alumni.

Comprised of college-level Alumni and working professionals, the NAC executes missions to advance PeerForward’s objectives, engage Alumni in national initiatives, and promote leadership development. It also offers strategic insights to inform decision-making and celebrates Alumni achievements through various initiatives and events.

Membership criteria include demonstrated leadership experience, a commitment to PeerForward’s mission, and excellent communication skills. Members serve two-year terms, renewable upon recommendation, and participate in eight annual meetings, local events, and data collection efforts.

Baja Poawui at a PeerForward Workshop.

The NAC collaborates closely with PeerForward staff to maintain our records at PeerForward’s headquarters. Through its work, the NAC plays a crucial role in guiding Alumni programming, advising on initiatives, and supporting the continuous growth and engagement of PeerForward Alumni nationwide. By actively involving Alumni, the NAC helps enhance PeerForward’s impact, ensuring the organization meets the evolving needs of its community.

To commemorate Baja’s promotion to Chair of the NAC, we asked her to share what PeerForward Workshop had the biggest impact on her thus far. She responded, “I got to see my Peer Leader, Ralphael Crawford, serve as an Alumni Leader. It was the same summer I served as a Writing Coach. He was one of my first Peer Leaders I served as an Alumni Leader. It was so impactful to see how influential he grew to be as an Alumni Leader and his impact on future Peer Leaders. For me, stepping into another role in the organization solidified how much the work meant to me and reinforced that I wanted to be a part of it in any shape or form.”

We at PeerForward would like to once again congratulate Baja Poawui on her promotion. We look forward to seeing her continue to grow and flourish throughout her term. After many years with the organization, both in the program and as a volunteer, we cannot think of a more qualified individual to act as Chair of the PeerForward National Alumni Council!