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Omezie Omeokwe signs off as National Alumni Council Chair


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As a nonprofit organization, PeerForward is sustained in part by the service of our dedicated Alumni who work tirelessly to uplift and inspire the new generation of Peer Leaders.


One such Alumni is Omezie Omeokwe. Omezie exemplifies what it means to be an alum of our organization. He has dedicated 17 years to motivating, educating, and inspiring hundreds of Peer Leaders and PeerForward Alumni. Through his passion, he has filled our organization with music, energy, and culture. After 5 years of serving as our National Alumni Council Chair, he is stepping down to continue his work inspiring the students of New York City as an educator. He shared this note as a farewell to the Council he’s led since 2020 and the community he’s shared for nearly two decades.

“As I bid farewell to PeerForward after 17 years, I reflect on a journey that began in 2007 with hope and  determination. Throughout my time as a Peer Leader, Alumni, RAP Director, Coach Trainer, NAC Chair, Leadership Council Member and Mentor, I have had the privilege of increasing Alumni engagement and achieving significant milestones. Together, we built lasting relationships and fostered a culture of growth and innovation. I take pride in never having missed a single summer workshop, underscoring my dedication and passion for this organization. I am deeply grateful to the legends who paved the way for me and laid the foundation upon which I was able to build and stand. I am also thankful to my trainers and the PeerForward Leadership and Staff for believing in my leadership and abilities when I had not yet recognized them in myself and for providing a space for me to consistently develop personally and professionally throughout my tenure.

To my fellow Alumni and the Peer Leaders who were once my students, your growth and accomplishments have been a source of inspiration. Our achievements were made possible by the collective effort and integrity of those who worked tirelessly alongside me. To everyone who supported and collaborated with me, thank you for your unwavering dedication and heart of service. Your contributions have been invaluable.

I hope the Alumni Program continues to build relationships and create structures and systems that embrace the values of scholarship, opportunity, and growth. I leave with gratitude for the experiences and the people who made them memorable. May the future bring continued success and uphold the standards of excellence and community that have always defined PeerForward.”


Omezie Omeokwe’s position as the Chair of PeerForward’s National Alumni Council will be taken over by fellow volunteer and Alumni, Baja Poawui. Omezie will go on to further his career as a counselor, administrator, and coach for NYC schools and a DJ who breathes life into every space he enters through his music. He will also continue his service as a member of  Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. – the oldest intercollegiate historically African American fraternity. While we are excited to see his success and growth in all areas of his life, he will be deeply missed. His service to our organization is priceless. Thank you, Omezie, for being a part of our PeerForward family!