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Forward Thinker Spotlight: Deborian Ramsey


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Meet this week’s Forward Thinker Spotlight: Deborian Ramsey! Deborian is a Peer Leader and a senior at Fremont High School in Oakland, California. We caught up with him to ask about his PeerForward journey and why he chooses to be a positive influence on his peers:


What’s one change you want to inspire in your school or community?

Deborian Ramsey

I want there to be less violence in my community. I also want to create a culture of positivity and improve the vibes of my school.

Why did you choose to be a positive influence on others?

I want others to have the same opportunities as me to help them succeed. I want to be someone that my peers look to as an inspiration as opposed to just another classmate.

What song, or song lyric, is your study jam?

“So tell me when you come around Cause I’ve been saving a spot for two So turn around and let your feelings go Cause flowers grow the most when they’re free.”

Deborian Ramsey and his PeerForward team at their Summer Workshop.

In your own words what is a Peer Leader? At school, what moments have made you feel like a Peer Leader, if any?

A Peer Leader has the ability to be flexible, build trust, communicate, give and receive feedback, actively listen, be patient, solve problems, manage time wisely, maintain consistency, adapt, and motivate others to do their best by any means necessary.

What’s one dream/goal you have after high school?

I want to travel at least for a couple weeks following graduation before going to college. My dream is to make more music and hopefully get noticed.



Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.