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PeerForward is excited to announce our new partnership with the Boys & Girls Club and Martin County School District in Florida! In a major development for our Core program, the Boys & Girls Club of Martin County will award stipends to Peer Leaders and Advisors in return for their service to the school community. The Club’s Program Managers also support the Peer Leader teams’ campaigns by providing manpower and financial assistance where needed.

24 newly-trained Peer Leaders are now reaching 1,300 high school seniors across Martin County High School, Jensen Beach High School, and South Fork High School. At November training camps, Peer Leader teams set their goals for the year and kicked off campaigns to raise financial aid and college application completion rates amongst their classmates. Early results are promising, with Martin County High School students already exceeding their baseline FAFSA completion rate and unlocking an estimated $1,128,000 in aid!

Michael Conlon, a Peer Leader at Martin County HS, described the team’s mission for the 2021-22 school year:

“In PeerForward, our goal is to positively influence our peers to pursue higher education. We’ll achieve this by assisting students in college preparation and helping them reach their highest potential.”

Watch the video below to hear more about how these Peer Leaders are working together to achieve their goal!


Martin County students were hard at work planning their campaigns at November training camps.




Our Martin County teams are already looking ahead to spring training camps and gearing up to support their classmates through the college admissions season. We’re so happy to see the PeerForward family growing, and we can’t wait to see what these young leaders will accomplish in 2022!

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