This is how College Coach Anson pays it forward

At the core of the PeerForward movement is the idea that everyone can be a positive influence on their community. As pillars of the movement, PeerForward volunteers dedicate their skills, knowledge, and passion to helping Peer Leaders build the foundation of a successful postsecondary journey.

For volunteers like Anson Carter, joining the movement as a College Coach was a result of the positive influences in his own life. As a Human Capital Consultant for Deloitte and first-generation student, he has a unique perspective on how community based support can uplift students. In a recent interview, Anson gave us insight into why he chooses to support the PeerForward movement.

What drives you to serve first-generation, low-income students?

“Paying it forward is a huge component of my life and a significant part of what drives me. As a person who comes from a low-income first-generation family, I know how much community support can mean to a student and young professional. There are a lot of people who dedicated their time and knowledge towards helping me navigate school and my career. One of the best ways I have identified to pay them back is to give the same dedicated time and effort towards helping students navigate those areas as well.”

What is it like being a College Coach at a PeerForward workshop? 

“One word that describes what it’s like to volunteer with Peer Forward is “energy”. Everyone involved brings a level of attentiveness to everything they do and it sets the tone for what a successful session/event should feel like.”

In your opinion, why should first-generation and low-income students pursue a postsecondary education?

“Postsecondary education allows you to expand and then deepen your knowledge in areas that you were not able to fully explore in high school. It is the first step to changing your life and the lives of your loved ones for the better.”

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