PeerForward Teams Successfully Complete Spring Training Camps

Junior Peer Leaders at the Prince George’s County Community College Spring Training Camp discussing and collaborating on next campaign steps as they plan for the rest of the spring semester.

We’re welcoming springtime in true PeerForward fashion with our seasonal Spring Training Camps! This is a time for Peer Leaders, Advisors, and Coaches to gather together for another productive training and celebrate great progress made.  

At this mid-point in the spring semester, teams are making final campaign plans, reflecting on goals met, and preparing to transition junior Peer Leaders into the responsibilities of senior year. It’s a great time to think about the great strides made so far, while also pumping up the juniors for their upcoming summer workshop, where they’ll develop their leadership skills even further and begin campaign planning for next year. 

The PeerForward team from Central High School in Capitol Heights, Md. working together with PeerForward Coach-in-Training, Ralph Crawford (right), at the Spring Training Camp at the John E. Howard Community Center.

Activities at the training camps include a “Data Deep Dive,” where Peer Leaders carefully evaluate data to track progress toward campaign goals. Teams also participate in a Financial Aid Award Letter Relay to test and improve their comprehension of financial aid award examples. This exercise helps them prepare to evaluate their own award letters and to help their peers decipher theirs.  At the end of each training, teams arrive at the “Celebration Station,” where Peer Leaders and Advisors share out team acknowledgements and recognize one another for their efforts and successes.  

For a closer look at our recent training camps, check out our social media highlight reels from the Skadden Training Camp and Deloitte Training Camp in New York City. 

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