“The Power of Peer Effect” by PeerForward Co-founder and CEO, Keith Frome featured in the NASSP magazine


We learned the most influential person to a 17-year-old is another 17-year-old, and it struck us this might be a key to addressing systemic educational inequity at scale.” 

-Keith Frome, PeerForward Co-founder and CEO 


What makes PeerForward so unique in today’s college access field? Backed by research and 20+ years of experience, wknow that leveraging positive peer influence can effectively motivate students to plan for, apply to, and succeed in higher education. 

In an article titled “The Power of Peer Effect” published by the National Association of Secondary School PrincipalsPeerForward Co-founder and CEO, Keith Frome, writes about PeerForward’s history of tapping into the powerful “peer effect” to drive successful postsecondary outcomes for students in low-income communities.  

Read Keith’s insights in the NASSP article here. 


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