Brother International Corporation hosts PeerForward Career Day

On March 21, Brother International Corporation hosted 25 Peer Leaders from New York City schools Global Learning Collaborative, Shuylerville Preparatory High School, and Thurgood Marshall Academy at their Bridgewater, New Jersey headquarters for a special PeerForward Career Day event. 

The day was comprised of small group sessions where Peer Leaders heard firsthand from professionals at Brother International Corporation about their personal college and career journeys. During a Speed Mentoring session, Brother employees rotated between groups of students to answer any questions Peer Leaders had and to share advice with students on overcoming obstacles, not being afraid of failure, and finding career paths they are passionate about.  

The Board of Directors at Brother, including Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Henry Sacco, and Chief Finance Officer, Tony Melfi, joined Peer Leaders for a lunch discussion where they shared their own experiences navigating challenges and building their careers. Students closed out the day with a session on do’s and don’ts for their own interviews and resumes from hiring and recruitment professionals at Brother and a guided tour of the Brother office. 

Throughout the day, Peer Leaders shared that they “learned a lot about how employees went through such different career paths, going from community college to four-year colleges, to get to where they are” and “wanted to acknowledge how kind and receptive” employees were at the event. Brother professionals similarly shared how impressed they were with the Peer Leaders for persistently asking great questions and bringing positive energy to each session. 

For more highlights of the event, see PeerForward’s social media highlight reel of the event here.  

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