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How Peer Leaders used a Social Media Trend to Spread Positivity


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During the first half of 2024, the “of course” trend took the internet by storm, so it is no surprise that it caught the attention of our Peer Leaders. This trend follows the format of “I’m a (blank), of course I (blank),” and is used to highlight humorous clichés surrounding parts of the poster’s identity. For our students, it was their time to shine as Peer Leaders. Not only did they tell us what it’s like being a Peer Leader, they made us laugh with every post.

So, what happens when you’re a Peer Leader? Positively influencing their peers, filling our their FAFSA, applying for college, and more! You can check the videos out below:


Our Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr. Peer Leaders emphasized their love for helping others in their video.

You can tell our Friendly High School Peer Leaders are go getters from their Reel.


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Our Charles H. Flowers Peer Leaders showed off their big team and their school’s college and career center!

Our Cedar Bridge Academy Peer Leaders filmed their video at their Spring Training Camp!

Our Diego Rivera Peer Leaders put a senior-specific twist on their Reel.

Our Crossland High School Peer Leaders incorporated some of our slogans and campaigns! You can follow their account and give them a like here!