Deloitte Volunteers Make an At-Home Impact

Impact Day is Deloitte’s annual day of service that celebrates our year-round commitment to making an impact that matters. Each year on Impact Day, Deloitte professionals participate in more than 1,000 social impact projects across 80 US cities. This year, our partners at Deloitte answered the call to action to continue to support PeerForward Peer Leaders and Alumni by hosting a virtual Impact Day. In an effort to support the Class of 2020, Deloitte hosted a resume and cover letter writing workshop, offering encouragement, constructive feedback, and techniques that would help applicants stand out to employers.  The workshop was attended by nearly 20 Deloitte Volunteers and 5 PeerForward Alumni and Peer Leaders which allowed each participant to get specialized feedback from a group of career professionals.

Thank you to our partners over at Deloitte for hosting a wonderful session for PeerForward Peer Leaders and Alumni, and thank you to their amazing volunteers! Check out the photo highlights below.


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