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Coach Tim talks Survivor tactics with Bermuda Peer Leaders

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PeerForward Coach Time Spicer traveled to Bermuda this week to facilitate the Spring Training Camp for the Bermuda Peer Leaders. While there, he discussed some of what he learned being a contestant on season 46 of Survivor. He sat down with Sékou Hendrickson of The Royal Gazette and shared how his experience on Survivor compares to the adventure that is pursuing postsecondary education.

“In Survivor you had to use what you had to figure things out. I think a lot of the times in college, especially for our first-year students, they’re trying to use what they’ve got to get to the next step. College is also all about survival… Not everybody graduates, so it’s all about pushing yourself to figure out who you really are and achieve that goal.” -Tim Spicer

You can read the full interview here. Don’t forget to tune in for season 46 of Survivor Wednesdays at 9pm EDT on CBS to support Coach Tim!

Tim Spicer in Bermuda. Photo by Sékou Hendrickson.