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PeerForward Alumni Daniel Del Cid finds his place at Tulane University


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This week’s Alumni Spotlight is Daniel Del Cid! Daniel served as a Peer Leader at Suitland High School until his graduation in 2023. He now proudly attends Tulane University in New Orleans where he is pursuing a major in homeland security & sociology and a minor in social work. We caught up with him to discuss his college experience thus far and how PeerForward impacted his postsecondary education journey.
Why do YOU serve?

I served as a PeerForward Peer Leader because I wanted to be able to help my peers succeed

Daniel Del Cid on College Decision Day 2023.

with post high school plans. Before Peerforward I didn’t even know what FAFSA was or how the process worked, so I knew there must be some other people who didn’t know either. There is no better way to share information than with people who are your own peers. I want to be able to serve as an Alumni in the future to be able to help other students who were in the same place as me or who feel like they’re alone with the process of trying to figure out what happens after graduation.

What’s been the best part of attending your college/university?
The best part about being at Tulane is that it’s in New Orleans. I like the weather since it barely gets as cold as it does at home. New Orleans has amazing architecture and it’s so nice being able to look at all the houses and buildings, especially in the French Quarter. The hospitality down here is great. Not to mention it’s Mardi Gras season too! Overall I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else but here.
How did PeerForward change your perspective of college?
Daniel Del Cid with friends.

I didn’t know much about college before PeerForward. I always thought I would be in debt and that going to college was a scary process. PeerForward helped me change those perceptions I had and educated me on how things work. I don’t know if I would’ve been as okay going into college without PeerForward. Having the support from the team and being able to get help along the way is one of the main reasons I enjoy PeerForward.

How have you been a positive influence to your peers in college?
I think that being in certain organizations has helped me be a positive influence. Sometimes it can be hard to be consistent with studying and doing work, but I think I do a pretty fair job on motivating my peers to get on top of it. There can be moments of fun, but there also has to be moments where we have to focus. No one is going to do the work for our degree but ourselves. I also tutor some of my peers in writing and English.
What’s one piece of college advice you’d offer Peer Leaders?
I would tell Peer Leaders to be optimistic. Coming into college, I thought I wouldn’t find a place to fit in, I wouldn’t have friends, and that I just didn’t belong at any school. I was wrong. I found my people and I have a community on campus with others. I was nervous at first, but in the end you will find your people and you will find your place. It might take time, but you will get there eventually!