Writing Coach Lezlie says it’s the most rewarding experience

Lezlie realized that being a PeerForward volunteer felt… different, “this is, without a doubt, the most rewarding of my many volunteer experiences.” 


Photo of Writing Coach Lezlie McBride

Writing Coach Lezlie McBride

As a Writing Coach, Lezlie McBride spent her summers instilling confidence in her student’s writing. In those moments she felt the impact of her work, “I hope and believe that I have had the privilege of playing a part in expanding opportunities for exceptional young people.” Being a PeerForward volunteer changed the way Lezlie thought about how to create change in her community; instead of focusing her talents on students who had a wealth of resources, she reached out to those who are most often overlooked. 

Lezlie’s experience is the perfect example of how volunteers transform alongside the hundreds of students they impact. PeerForward is now accepting applications for Writing Coaches and College Coaches, apply at: bit.ly/PFWS22

To hear more about the volunteer experience and who PeerForward volunteers really are, read Writing Coach Lezlie McBride’s interview below.



What drives you to serve first-generation, low-income students?

I became more interested than I expected in the whole college search process when my own daughters were going through it. I recognized right away that I didn’t have any continuing professional interest in helping students who didn’t need the help: who grew up in college culture, we’re expected to go, and who already had the resources to make this possible. Instead, I wanted to serve students who might not have “built-in” resources like a parent who could answer questions and share their own college experiences, or access to expensive college coaches.

Please describe the impact of the PeerForward/College Summit volunteering experience.

From a larger perspective, I hope and believe that I have had the privilege of playing a part in expanding opportunities for exceptional young people. From a purely personal perspective, this is, without a doubt, the most rewarding of my many volunteer experiences. I’ve learned so much from the Peer Forward writing method: for instance, to treat every student’s writing as literature. I love seeing a student quietly light up when their peers (and I) recognize the value of what they’ve written.

In your opinion, why should low-income students pursue post-secondary education?

I think postsecondary education is the most effective path a student can take to achieve personal and community goals: personal goals like economic independence, self-fulfillment, upward mobility, and the sheer satisfaction of learning and being surrounded by others who want to learn; and community goals such as uplifting one’s family, giving back to one’s neighborhood and becoming an educated citizen and voter.

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Lezlie!

At the core of the PeerForward movement is the idea that everyone can be a positive influence on their community. Our volunteers are the perfect example of how a single experience can spark a desire to change the  As pillars of the movement, PeerForward volunteers dedicate their skills, knowledge, and passion to helping Peer Leaders build the foundation of a successful postsecondary journey.

You can apply to serve as a Writing Coach or College Coach on our website: peerforward.org/volunteermentoringprograms/


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