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Volunteer Spotlight: Khira McKenney


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As a nonprofit organization, PeerForward succeeds with the help of service-driven volunteers. Volunteering at PeerForward doesn’t just help the organization and those we serve; it also brings meaning and purpose to our volunteers’ lives. Become a volunteer HERE


PeerForward Volunteer and Alumni, Khira McKinney
Khira McKinney, Writing Coach

Khira McKenney works as an educator and director for Dallas Independent School District and is a Volunteer PeerForward Writing Coach in her free time. Khira is committed to serving the next generation of Peer Leaders because she was once in their shoes. After completing her PeerForward workshop, Khira continued to serve the PeerForward community as an Alumni Support Team Member and later as the  Reclamation Committee Chair on the PeerForward National Alumni Council. Her dedication to serving Peer Leaders and educating students is why she’s our Volunteer Spotlight. We caught up with Khira to talk about her PeerForward volunteer experience and what drives her to serve.  

What drives you to serve first-generation, low-income students? 

My drive comes from the fact that I came from a line of mentors and educators who saw so much in me and pushed me to see beyond my environment. 

Volunteer Khira with her Peer Leader writing team
Khira McKinney with Writing Team

Please describe the impact of the PeerForward volunteering experience.

The PeerForward volunteering experience is powerful and magical to see. You never know the impact that you’ll have on someone just by having a simple conversation with them. 

In your opinion, why should low-income students pursue postsecondary education? 

I believe that pursuing your postsecondary education can give you the opportunity to build foundational skills and life skills. There is so much to gain from connecting with individuals and developing professionally throughout internships/experiences learned. 

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Group of PeerForward volunteers
PeerForward Volunteers, Nazareth College 2022