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Tyree Bell’s Journey from Peer Leader to PeerForward Volunteer


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Meet this week’s Volunteer Spotlight: PeerForward Alumni Tyree Qwamae Bell! As a PreK-3 Inclusion Teacher for KIPP DC Public Schools, Tyree truly understands the importance of uplifting the next generation of scholars. His own positive Peer Leader experience led him to volunteer at a number of our Summer Workshops. While he held the title of Peer Support and Operations Specialist in the past, he most recently served as a Writing Coach during one of our Nazareth Workshops in 2023. We caught up with him to ask about his PeerForward Volunteer experience and why he believes under-resourced, first-generation students should pursue postsecondary education: 


Tyree Bell working at a KIPP DC Public School.

Please describe the impact of the PeerForward/College Summit volunteering experience.

As an educator in a low-income, marginalized community, my role with PeerForward is to expose every student I encounter to life-changing opportunities. I aim to deepen their understanding of themselves, unlocking their passions to cultivate their own unique stories. My facilitation emphasizes the importance of authentic self-expression, guiding them to tell their stories in their own voices, free from the pressure to conform to someone else’s narrative.

In your opinion, why should low-income students pursue postsecondary education?

Tyree Bell at a PeerForward Workshop.

Low-income students should totally go for postsecondary education—it’s like unlocking a whole world of awesome opportunities! Not only does it open doors to higher-paying jobs that might otherwise be out of reach, but it also sets you up for financial success down the road. Plus, college or vocational programs are all about personal growth. You get to explore your interests, pick up new skills, and learn how to think outside the box. And here’s the best part: higher education is like a ticket to move up in the world. It helps you break free from the cycle of struggle and reach for bigger dreams. Oh, and don’t forget about all the support you’ll get along the way! Colleges have tons of resources like tutoring, counseling, and financial aid to make sure you succeed. So yeah, going to college? Totally worth it!