The New York Times features PeerForward

Peer leader Ruby Noboa (left) of Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science in New York appears in the NYT article saying, “if a student says to another student, ‘Knowledge is power. We need higher education so we can overcome our oppression,’ they’re much more likely to listen.”


PeerForward is excited to be featured in David Bornstein’s recent New York Times article, “The Power of Student Peer Leaders.” As part of the NYT column “Fixes,” the article highlights our peer-to-peer method as a unique and effective solution for closing the gaps of postsecondary achievement for students in low-income communities. 

Our belief in the power of positive peer influence continues to create positive change in the lives of our students, and shows the immense potential youth activated around a cause can have for our communities. Hear from Peer Leader alumni, program staff, and school partners about the work and passion that goes into our program, and the lasting impact our PeerForward Method is having for low-income students across the country in the article here.  

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