PeerForward Coach, Cornelius Williams, Presents with Campus Labs on First-Gen College Students

This September, PeerForward Coach Cornelius Williams presented alongside research group Campus Labs at Achieving the Dream’s 2018 Data & Analytics Summit. The presentation was part of a two-day event where more than 250 educators, researchers, and professionals in the college access field convened to share new ways to use data to better understand and serve students of diverse backgrounds.

During the presentation, results were shared from surveys conducted by Campus Labs that asked college students to rate their levels of engagement, resiliency, social comfort, and other factors that impact their college experience. Among other questions, students were also asked to respond to statements surrounding how high a priority a college degree is and how likely family or work obligations may postpone college plans. When comparing the responses of first-generation students to their non-first-gen peers, the results shed light on common misconceptions of the first-generation experience.

In the words of Cornelius, some key takeaways from the presentation were: “1) you have to find ways to meet students where they are and with the right resources; 2) you have to be creative with opportunities for ALL students traditional and non-traditional; and 3) understand that first generation students need support and at times just don’t know where to find it.”

For more information on Campus Labs and the data presented, read here.

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