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Thank you to our Coach Trainers!


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Coach Trainers Tamika Gordon and Omezie Omeokwe.

PeerForward Coaches are an essential part of the Peer Leader training process. They help students build leadership skills and knowledge that allows them to help their classmates navigate postsecondary education. However, to provide this training, they need training of their own. Enter Coach Trainers Tamika Gordon, Omezie Omeokwe, and Ashlee Neal: the unsung heroes of PeerForward Workshop season. While they may be “in the background” at Workshops, our Coach Trainers are always at the forefront of our hearts and gratitude! 

Tamika, Omezie, and Ashlee have long histories with PeerForward. Each of them plays an integral part in our network as they are Alumni of the program, veteran implementers of the PeerForward Workshop curriculum, and true ambassadors of the organization! Becoming a Coach Trainer is no easy feat. In order to obtain this role, one must undergo a multi-year process of training. This prepares them to provide the best possible guidance, support, and expertise to our PeerForward Coaches. Through sharing the knowledge they acquire over their years of training, they prepare our Coaches for their role in teaching and uplifting our Peer Leaders. 

Coach Trainer Ashlee Neal.

The title “Coach Trainer” seems self-explanatory, but the role encompasses so much more than one may assume. In addition to the obvious training aspect of their role, there is an emotional side as well. Each Coach Trainer has built strong connections with the Coaches that they train. They uplift them and provide them with support throughout the training process. This fosters mutual respect and understanding, which is an important part of a healthy and successful work relationship.  

We want to use this time to say thank you to our Coach Trainers, Tamika Gordon, Omezie Omeokwe, and Ashlee Neal, for their unwavering support and dedication to PeerForward’s mission. We appreciate and recognize all that you do for our organization. Without your help, Workshop season would not be possible!