PeerForward Wins Lumina Prize for Postsecondary Education Innovation

PeerForward is thrilled to announce we are the winners of the Lumina Prize Judge’s Choice Award for postsecondary education innovation. The contest, run by Big Think and sponsored by the Lumina Foundation, sought to find the next big ideas to improve education and training outcomes after high school. 

We are pleased the judges recognized the power behind our philosophy that positive peer influence is the key to unlocking better education and career outcomes in under-resourced high schools, where disproportionate student-to-counselor ratios don’t allow for adequate postsecondary advising. PeerForward’s student-driven campaigns run by influential student leaders not only deliver real results in terms of guiding more students to postsecondary institutions but also build a schoolwide culture where planning to continue education after high school is the norm. 

As part of the contest, submitted a short video sharing of our innovative idea. Below, you can watch the winning video pitch starring PeerForward Co-founder and CEO, Keith Frome, and Community Engagement Specialist, Aloysia Jean.  

In April, PeerForward was announced as one of four finalists for the prize, entailing a month-long voting period where the public was asked to watch each finalist’s video pitch and vote for their favorite. We want to thank everyone who watched our video, voted for us, and shared our idea. 

Winning this prize includes the opportunity to join Big Think at their NYC studios, where experts and producers will help to coach and film a new business video pitch for PeerForward. We are excited to soon share the final product!


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