Congratulations to First Year Forward’s Outstanding Ambassadors!

This month, PeerForward wrapped up the final implementation period of its three-year pilot evaluation program, First Year Forward, the SMS-based research project aimed to assess whether virtual, text-based mentorship could be a useful tool for increasing college matriculation rates from year one to year two.

More than 70 alumni of the PeerForward program were recruited to serve as First Year Forward Ambassadors. Only 42 Ambassadors made the final cut. First Year Forward Ambassadors were tasked with providing weekly advice, encouragement, and information that would assist first-year college students in navigating the often-tumultuous transition period from high school senior to college freshman. Ambassadors were tasked with not only supporting peers from the geographic region of their high school alma mater but with fostering a safe space where their peers felt motivated to seek assistance, too.

Of 42 trained Ambassadors, three alumni went above and beyond in their service to their peers and First Year Forward. Their text-based support was especially informative, encouraging, charismatic, and uplifting. Each Ambassador carried a unique story about their involvement with either the PeerForward or First Year Forward program, proving that our alumni continue to actively engage with our organization in a number of different avenues after high school.

As a result of the generous funding of the Susan & Michael Dell Foundation, we awarded First Year Forward Book Awards to each of these three outstanding Ambassadors. This award aims to alleviate any school-related costs that Ambassadors may have incurred, or will incur, in their pursuit of postsecondary education.

On behalf of the First Year Forward Team, we would like to thank this year’s Outstanding Ambassadors for their service during the 2018-2019 academic year.

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