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PeerForward launches scholarship funds with Greenwald Family Foundation and Geller & Company


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This spring, PeerForward launched two scholarship funds in partnership with the Greenwald Family Foundation and Geller & Company. The transition from high school to college can be pricey, and for many college students, last-minute dollars can make all the difference in successfully reaching graduation. These scholarships provide students with the funds to make timely progress toward their postsecondary degrees.

With the Greenwald Family Foundation’s generous support, PeerForward has distributed more than $96,000 in emergency funds to college students who are part of the Peer Leadership and Mentoring initiative at California State University, Los Angeles and Broward College in south Florida, as well as PeerForward alumni at various colleges. At Cal State LA,

Scholarship recipients shared how the funds are helping them  cover essential expenses, from groceries, transportation, and medical bills to school supplies and college fees. One student at Cal State LA wrote, “Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, my parents lost their business. I have been providing for myself via my part time job, but I am only able to work weekends due to school. The commute to and from Los Angeles makes it difficult to work weekdays while I am providing for myself and paying my own college fees.” We are grateful for the Greenwald Family Foundation’s support in helping us provide financial relief to students working towards a degree during this challenging time.

Thanks to Geller & Company’s donation, PeerForward awarded $10,000 to high school Peer Leaders who went above and beyond to serve their communities in the 2021-22 year. Each PeerForward Coach identified one partner high school where Peer Leaders outperformed this year; each senior Peer Leader was awarded $375, and each junior Peer Leader received a $25 gift card. In Florida, the winning team was Lake Wales High School, where Peer Leaders helped their class exceed their goal of 40% FAFSA completion, ending the year with 52% completion and an estimated $1,278,400 of financial aid unlocked. Another winning school was Friendship Tech Prep Academy in Washington, D.C. 100% of the Friendship Tech Prep Class of 2022 received a college acceptance, and 87% of seniors completed their FAFSA, the highest completion rate in the district!

Coaches emphasized students’ commitment, energy, and consistency in making their award selections. At Chesapeake Math and IT Academy in Maryland, for instance, Peer Leaders offered weekly debates with their classmates on why they should pursue a college degree. Other winning schools included 47 the American Sign Language and English Secondary School in New York, Public Service Community School in LA, and Bowie High School in Maryland.

Thank you again to the Greenwald Foundation and Geller and Company for making these scholarship funds possible!