PeerForward 2021 Fall Highlights

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, Peer Leaders are ending the first half of the fall semester on a high note. Across the country, PeerForward teams are utilizing their strategic planning skills and peer influence to drive a culture of postsecondary success at their schools. By supporting their peers through applying for college, filing for financial aid, and exploring career options, Peer Leaders are building a steady resistance to the recent declines in college enrollment rates due to COVID-19.

Through meticulous planning and persistence, Peer Leaders are making strides in increasing FAFSA completion rates.

47 ASL FAFSA Night

Crossland Peer Leaders








The Peer Leaders of 47 The American Sign Language School proved to be a powerhouse of powerful young women of color at their recent FAFSA Night event. The team put their knowledge of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the test as they worked to provide individualized support to students and their families filling the form for the first time.

All Hallows High School Peer Leaders in the Bronx, N.Y. urged the importance of early filing with their File your FAFSA Fiesta on November 16th. Senior Peer Leaders walked their classmates through the application step-by-step, offering tips on common mistakes to avoid while filing.

Further south, Crossland Peer Leaders in Camp Springs, Md. exhibited how the power of peer influence can draw traction to financial aid events early in the fall semester. Their PeerForward team promoted their first FAFSA Night through in-person presentations and Q&As while documenting the lead-up to the event on social media.

As college application deadlines approach, Peer Leader teams are hosting events unique to the student population to drive application rates.

Bowie Peer Leaders with ¡Ponte Las Pilas! promotion

Like at Bowie High School, where Peer Leaders hosted ¡Ponte Las Pilas! (translation: Let’s Go!) to increase college awareness and the college applications rates of Latinx students. The event provided Latinx students with a step-by-step guide to the college application process, information on scholarships available to Latinx students, and Hispanic-serving institutions that provide rich cultural experiences. PeerForward CEO, Gary Z. Linnen was featured as a guest speaker to highlight the abundant career opportunities available to Latinx college graduates.

Application support for Performing Arts Center Peer Leaders

The Peer Leaders of the Performing Arts Center in the Diego Rivera Learning Complex are taking advantage of the upcoming holiday break to encourage their peers to complete their University of California and California State University applications. Their team will help host and promote several events from November 20th to November 24th to provide direct assistance to their peers applying to either university system ahead of Thanksgiving Break and the November 30th application deadline.



To prepare their classmates for success beyond high school, Peer Leaders are finding new ways to celebrate all postsecondary paths.

Lake Wales Peer Leaders

Sebastian River Peer Leaders

Sebastian River Peer Leaders were front and center at the Indian River County College and Career Expo, providing valuable resources and guidance to their peers considering both college and military pathways.

The Peer Leaders of Lake Wales offered a moment of levity to their senior class with an Achievement Party that recognized every senior who applied to two or more colleges, trade schools, or the military. After a hectic season of postsecondary planning, the Lake Wales PeerForward team served up smiles and slices to their peers.




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