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LTX Quest welcomes PeerForward

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PeerForward CEO Gary Linnen and Peer Leader Erica Luzon sit at a table on a LTX Quest panel
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LTX Quest, hosted by LTX Connect, is “the largest hybrid multi sector, multi-generational gathering of Latinx professionals.”


PeerForward CEO Gary Z. Linnen
Gary Z. Linnen, PeerForward CEO
Broward College Peer Leader Erica Luzon
Erica Luzon, Broward College




PeerForward CEO, Gary Z. Linnen, and Peer Leader, Erica Luzon brought their voices to the 2022 LTX Quest conference. 





The conference, which ran from September 8-10, brought together diverse leaders to collaborate on topics such as unpacking identities, driving new economies, and celebrating Latinx culture and power.


“To be the first Black and Puerto Rican CEO of this organization was huge. Because the communities that I serve, the communities that are important to me get the chance to see somebody in a seat like this that allows them to shift the paradigm in education.” – Gary Z. Linnen, LTX Quest 2022.

PeerForward CEO Gary Linnen and Peer Leader Erica Luzon sit at a table on a LTX Quest panel
LTX Quest panel

Linnen led a discussion on economies of the future, bringing to the table PeerForward’s approach to increasing economic mobility for Latinx youth. Postsecondary education is one of the most important steps toward greater economic success, but Latinx students are underrepresented in colleges across the US. PeerForward’s model addresses this disparity: we activate peer power to get more Latinx students to and through college. PeerForward is driven by student voices, and Erica Luzon played a key role in representing a new generation of Latinx leaders at the conference.


Visit the LTX Quest website to learn more about the conference program and mission.