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Forward Thinker Spotlight: Adam Kone


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Meet this week’s Forward Thinker Spotlight: Adam Kone!  Adam is a Peer Leader and a senior at High Point High School in Maryland. We caught up with Adam to ask about what being a Peer Leader means to him and what drives him to help others. 


Why did you choose to be a positive influence on others? 

Adam Kone at a PeerForward Workshop.

I choose to be a positive influence on others because it makes me feel good inside. It is something that I can never stop thinking about. I feel that I have a responsibility to be a positive influence on others because I was given a chance early in life after my mom died. 

What’s one change you want to inspire in your school or community?  

I want to inspire the change of our culture. There is so much good in our school that needs to be spotlighted. Many people just lack discipline, desire and/or motivation. 

What song, or song lyric, is your study jam? 

I just listen to slow chill jams. 

In your own words what is a Peer Leader? At school, what moments have made you feel like a Peer Leader, if any? 

A Peer Leader is someone who brings people together. They inspire hope in others by showing that their dreams are possible. They’re always thinking of ways to make a difference or to inspire others. They want to see their peers succeed and support them when they make accomplishments. I felt like a peer leader when I had to explain to my friend Roberto that doing the FASFA was essential. He didn’t understand that not all the money that FASFA offers has to be paid back.  


Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.