Five Things to do for College Signing Day

In 2014, First Lady Michelle Obama with Reach Higher and Better Make Room began an annual celebration of students pursuing an education past high school. College Signing Day is an exciting, eventful, and memorable time for students who have made a big decision in their lives—the next step in their education. 

This day is a great way to celebrate the hard work of your senior class and the influence of the PeerForward team! Here are a few things you can do to celebrate College Signing Day. 


1. Download the Better Make Room Toolkit 

Nobody does College Signing Day like Better Make Room! Visit their website and check out their resources for students and educators to help them plan their best College Signing Day. From toolkits, to messaging, to event ideas, the resources on their website are sure to help you plan a memorable event.


The Peer Leaders of Bowie High School hosted their own College Spirit Day in April!

2. Hold a College Spirit Day

Whether you are going to school in-person or attending virtually, you can still get in on the fun of a College Spirit Day! Students can dress up in the colors of the college they are attending, wear shirts with the university or college logos, or military colors, and even shout out famous alumni. For a virtual play, use customized Zoom Backgrounds to show your spirit! 


3. Get Social

Dr. Henry Wise Peer Leaders are getting ready with the hashtag #SigningDayTheWiseWay

Social media will be booming on #collegesigningday! It offers the perfect cost-effective opportunity to celebrate without needing to spend a lot of money or meet in person!  

Templates are a wonderful way to make your community feel like they are a part of something bigger on College Signing Day. Join PeerForward’s Celebration by using our Templates for college posts! Create a hashtag for your school or host an IG Live where students can discuss their decisions with their peers. Tell your followers the big news by putting your school colors and graduating class in your bio.



4. Engage Alumni

Ask alumni to send photos of themselves in their college gear and recall their fondest, most exciting memories on campus. Invite students to connect with them and get advice before heading to the next step in their journey.


5. Check Your Playbook!

Play #28 gives you more ideas on how to celebrate College Signing Day at your school. Finish the year strong and get creative with one of the most memorable times of the year for PeerForward teams.  


There are countless resources available not only for College Signing Day, but also to help ensure that college students make the most use of their time when they get there. Numerous websites and apps are available for you or the college student in your life. Check them out here.  

Happy College Signing Day!

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