College Summit is Now PeerForward

We’ve changed our name, but our mission and values are the same. After two decades of leveraging peer influence to guide more students to higher education, we’ve adopted a name that reflects the power of youth activation.

Why the new name?

Our new name is not really new. We created our next-generation high school model three years ago and called it PeerForward. The name was created by a group of our students and has been enthusiastically embraced. Our decision to become known as PeerForward – for both our program and our organization – is a testament to the work over the last three years to make PeerForward such a success. PeerForward captures our unique offering in the college access market, and it already has strong and positive recognition among current partners.

New PeerForward logo

Why the new look?

To help us amplify the impact of our new name, we also have a new look. Just like our organization, the evolved PeerForward logo builds on past success while looking to the future with a new energy. Our new logo presents two faces moving forward together, expressing confidence, optimism, and the power of peer leadership.

How did we get here?

The decision to adopt PeerForward as our organization name was made after working with a team of pro bono consultants secured through a grant from the Taproot Foundation. We sought to better align our new program name with the organization name. The new name and look have been well-received by supporters and school partners.

Why did we make the change?

As an organization, we know our legacy is important; however, it is also important to look forward. The name College Summit and our logo served us well in the past, but we have outgrown this identity. College access is critical but does not capture the full extent of the impact of our peer activation model. Also, the marketplace has become flooded with organizations with “college” in the name.

The power of peer leadership is based on movement and transformation, which is why the name PeerForward suits us so well. PeerForward better reflects the work we do and captures our unique approach among college success organizations of tapping a readily available resource in every high school – influential students.

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