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Alumni Spotlight: Erick Adames Ramirez


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Erick Ramirez in front of Barry University’s Legal Advocacy Center.

In 2010, Erick Ramirez completed his College Summit Workshop at Barry University. As a student from the inner city of Miami, he did not even consider college to be an option for him. Barry University was the first 4-year college he had ever stepped foot on, and it all seemed so out of reach. Over the course of the week, he received leadership training, bonded with peers who wanted to pursue a college education, and wrote a personal statement that he could use when applying to colleges. By the end of his Workshop, he knew that pursuing higher education was the right path for him.  

Following high school graduation, Erick attended Florida State University where he received his undergraduate degree in 2015. At FSU, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Sociology with a minor in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Erick decided to continue his education years later. He is now pursuing a Juris Doctorate degree at Barry University, the very same school where he attended his PeerForward, then College Summit, Workshop over a decade ago, in what he refers to as “a full circle moment.”  

Banner on Barry University’s Campus featuring Erick Ramirez.

On Barry University’s campus there now hangs a banner featuring Erick! It acts as an emotional reminder of how far he has come.  

His story is a reminder for us too. Erick’s educational journey is what PeerForward is all about. With the help of PeerForward, Erick was able to recognize and unlock his true potential. When asked about what words of wisdom he would like to share with our current Peer Leaders, he said “A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor, it is the harsh conditions of life that make a person tougher and more capable. Challenging experiences often give the best lessons of life.”  

Thank you, Erick for continuing to be the spark that ignites change for Peer Leaders everywhere.