Meet Vanesa: Before PeerForward I Had Never Been On a College Campus

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Alumna Vanesa Coger shares how PeerForward helped prepare her for college and financial aid. Now, she gives her time to help other students get the help they need.

Prior to my workshop, I had never been on a college campus before. Being at Yale University convinced me I wanted to go away for school. Going out-of-state and paying for it was a big challenge for me to overcome. I received a fair amount of scholarships, but still needed to come up with a chunk of money. With my newly discovered college knowledge, I sought out a financial advisory who helped me take out loans and plan out a payback strategy for my financial aid.

At least twice a week, we brought our classmates to the computer lab and helped them fill out their college applications and FAFSA forms. We wanted to make sure they were not only accepted, but actually attended in the fall. I’ve now graduated with my Associates Degree in Fashion Merchandising. Now I’ll head to get my Masters in Business Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship so I can fulfill my dream of owning a fashion line. It’s so important to give yourself credit for your accomplishments no matter how small they seem. Whatever obstacle you face in life, it can only make you a stronger person.

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