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PeerForward welcomes new staff to the team!


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Meet Our New Staff!


PeerForward is growing! We have three new team members who are joining us in our mission to leverage peer influence to help students navigate higher education:

Nastassja Morton: Nastassja is a native of Prince George’s County, Maryland. She is an alumnus of Prince George’s County Public Schools via Bowie High School (Class of 2017) and an proud PeerForward Alumni. She received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing from from Chowan University. Nastassja is currently in graduate school at Drexel University, in pursuit of her Master of Science in Nonprofit Management. Prior to joining our professional family, Nastassja worked with 12+ Nonprofit, which is a non-profit organization that focuses on bettering the post-secondary outcomes of students in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Camden, New Jersey areas.



Bianca Daniels: Mother, Philanthropist and Best-Selling Author, Bianca Daniels, resides in the
Washington, DC area as a happy native of Cleveland, Ohio. Her previous work experience includes working with small businesses, nonprofits and Corporate America. As a Philanthropist, she donates her time, skills, resources and connections to unique positive missions in the black community and is always happy to give a helping hand wherever it’s needed. As a Best-Selling Author, she shares stories of her own journey while inspiring others to pursue their potential to its fullest.




Bryanna Alfaro: Bryanna Alfaro is a recent graduate from Sonoma State University. She received her Bachelor’s in Human Development. She is from the Bay Area and will be the point person for all schools in Oakland and Los Angeles.