PeerForward Rings Bell to Open Nasdaq

Co-founder and CEO Keith Frome and Brooklyn Prep student Sadeiki Lumsden rang the bell to open the Nasdaq market on Monday, April 16. It was an honor to “ring the bell of opportunity,” as Frome described it, and a wonderful opportunity to share the news that College Summit is changing its name to PeerForward.

PeerForward better reflects the work we do and captures our unique approach among college success organizations of tapping a readily available resource in every high school – influential students. We believe peer leadership can create better outcomes for students in high schools serving low-income neighborhoods.

While we’ve changed our name, our mission and values remain the same. Over two decades, we’ve seen the power of positive peer influence through our programs, producing convincing school wide results, driving up financial aid and college applications and eventual enrollment and success.

NASDAQ volunteers have supported our students in New York City, sharing the stories of their educational and professional journeys at speed-mentoring events. Thus, we were delighted to receive the invitation to ring the bell and do a Facebook Live interview.

Flanked by students from Brooklyn Prep and Queens Prep, board members, funders, as well as supporters from Deloitte, American Express, and the Taproot Foundation, Lumsden got the honor of ringing the bell and Frome provided the official signature to begin the day’s trading. You can watch here. Our new name and logo also appeared on the Nasdaq tower in Times Square.

For PeerForward, it was the beginning of an exciting new chapter in our two-decades+ history.

To learn more, watch this video of our Facebook Live interview with Nasdaq’s leader of Corporate Social Responsibility, Evan Harvey.


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