PeerForward Launches CTE Course in Partnership with ESG Pathways Initiative

PeerForward is proud to partner with a new Education Strategy Group (ESG) initiative, Building Awareness of Pathways to Success. The initiative, which ESG outlines in a recent blog post, is “aimed at improving students’ and families’ understanding of the full range of postsecondary options that can lead to quality credentials and good jobs.”

With ESG’s support, PeerForward will pilot a Career & Technical Education (CTE) course for high school Peer Leaders. This year-long course will allow more students to envision and prepare for fulfilling careers.

Supporting Black, Latinx, and low-income students in their career preparedness is more important than ever as the country works to recover from pandemic job losses. Young people, as well as Black and Latinx workers, disproportionately fell out of the workforce in 2020 and struggled to recover in 2021.

Yet despite these setbacks, today’s high school students have “a wider variety of postsecondary pathways than ever before,” says ESG. It is therefore “critical that students and their families understand the full spectrum of options available to them.”

For more information on PeerForward’s partnership with ESG’s Pathways initiative, read the full blog post here: Building Awareness of Pathways to Success: A Peek at the Pilots – Education Strategy Group | Education Strategy Group (edstrategy.org)

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