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PeerForward Celebrates Deloitte Impact Day


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On June 9th, Deloitte celebrated their annual day of service: Impact Day. On Impact Day, Deloitte employees show their dedication to making an #ImpactThatMatters in their communities by engaging in volunteer opportunities with nonprofits. PeerForward was lucky enough to be among the nonprofits included! There were three sessions available: one for our Peer Leaders in the DMV, one in NYC, and one online for our PeerForward In College Peer Leaders who engaged in a session around networking and the art of virtual relationships. As a result of the wildfires in Canada causing hazardous air conditions across the state of New York, that session had to be postponed. Luckily enough, the air quality in Maryland was at a suitable level to allow for the in-person event to take place. This is how it went: 


On Impact Day, PeerForward gathered some of the Prince George’s County Public Schools Peer Leaders on the University of Maryland campus to facilitate informative sessions that the Deloitte volunteers could get involved in. The day started with the arrival of staff and volunteers who came together to prepare the space for the day. After the students arrived, there was a quick introduction before immediately transitioned into the ice breaker exercise. Students and volunteers alike were asked a series of “this-or-that” style questions such as “public college or private college” and “experience or education.” Once everyone had chosen their answer, the floor was opened to participants to facilitate a group discussion. 

Following the ice breaker, Courtney Milton & Albert Clarke from the University of Maryland gave a presentation to the Peer Leaders. During this session, information on the UMD campus and admissions process was shared. Once the initial presentation had concluded, two University of Maryland students took over to answer questions the Peer Leaders had about choosing a major, picking a college, and more. 

After hearing from the University of Maryland staff and students, the “build your own university” session began. During this exercise, students were asked to work together to imagine their dream school along with the Deloitte volunteers seated at each table. This included them picking a name, mascot, location, and majors offered, amongst other criteria. After they crafted their ideal college and filled out their poster paper with the information, it was time to share! A group discussion occurred in which the students talked about what they value in a school compared to their peers. 

Once the “build your own university” session had concluded, the Deloitte volunteers led the Peer Leaders in a crash course on financial literacy. This taught them about the importance of accurately assessing their income and budgeting accordingly. After the crash course, “lunch and learn” ensued. This time allowed the students to speak with the volunteers as they rotated tables to spend time with each team. They discussed college life, choosing majors, budgeting, and life after college. The Peer Leaders were given a unique opportunity to get advice from several established adults, and their appreciation for the volunteers shone through as they took time to thank them following this session. 

As Impact Day came to a close, the students said their final farewells before returning to school. Thanks to the dedication and support of the Deloitte volunteers, the Peer Leaders were able to enjoy a fun and informative experience they will not soon forget. Thank you, Deloitte, for choosing to spend your Impact Day with PeerForward. We hope to see you again next year!