PeerForward Announces 2018 Youth Activation Summit Hosted by Facebook Education

Powered by PeerForward, hosted by Facebook Education, and led by a design team of student activators, the Youth Activation Summit will be held April 26-27, 2018 in Menlo Park, Calif. The summit will convene 100 of the nation’s most influential youth and education leaders representing three sectors:

  • Activators and award-winning youth leaders selected from the nation’s top Youth Activation organizations.
  • Youth Activation Innovators including nonprofits, educators, researchers, and funders.
  • School and District Leaders and Students interested in bringing Youth Activation practices and strategies to their schools.

To increase opportunity, America must tap the power of students to create solutions. Through the Youth Activation Summit, youth leaders, the nonprofits who support them, and school districts will partner to transform schools and communities. The Youth Activation Summit is a 12-month initiative designed to accomplish these goals:


  • Learn: Understand the latest Youth Activation research and innovation.
  • Plan: Craft pathways for Youth Activation to drive top-priority goals set by students and educators.
  • Envision: Imagine how we, as a network, can accelerate Youth Activation impact.


  • Align: School stakeholders support the school-wide outcome goal set by students and educators, and the Youth Activation strategy.
  • Act: Student-led initiatives make measurable progress towards the prioritized goal.
  • Prove: Our network will produce inspiring proof points in diverse high schools.

The benefits of youth activation are two-fold. Students build social/emotional skills and strengthen positive relationships with peers and school sta­ff. And, school outcomes rise, as students use peer influence, passion, and ingenuity to drive school-level goals.

PeerForward and Facebook for Education are partnering with supporters Ford Foundation, Carnegie, Fossil Foundation, Deloitte, and New Profit to produce the Youth Activation Summit.

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