Peer Leaders Adapt Campaigns in Response to COVID-19

When Peer Leaders see their classmates in need of support, they go above and beyond to help their peers through.  

That remained true during these uniquely challenging final months of the 2019-20 school yearWhile schoolshifted to online learning in response to COVID-19, Peer Leaders acted fast to understand their classmates’ changing needs, quickly strategizing new ways to help peers stay on track to meet their postsecondary goals. Whether in-person or online, Peer Leaders remain committed to helping their classmates thrive in their pursuit of higher education. 

Here are a few of the creative and compassionate ways Peer Leaders organized to help their classmates during this time:

Charles H. Flowers High School Peer Leaders Take on Classmate Caseloads 

A friendly check-in can go a long way for students isolated from in-person support systems during school shutdowns this semester. Peer Leaders at Charles H. Flowers High School in Md. knew how derailing that could be for students. So, the 12th-grade Peer Leaders on the team stepped up and agreed to take on a caseload of 80 classmates to regularly check in on via phone or email. During these check-in’s, Peer Leaders shared financial aid resources, discussed college options, and sent encouraging words to help classmates push forward with their postsecondary goals.  

Peer Leader Podcasts

 PeerForward teams realized they needed a fun, informative method for connecting their classmates to the tips and resources they need to put their postsecondary plan into action. So they turned to podcasts as a source of inspiration! Peer Leaders from Vanguard Academy Rembrandt Secondary in Pharr, Texas started “The Spartan Spotlight” podcast, where they invited their Assistant Principal, Ms. Ibanez, to discuss ways students can stay on track to meet their goals. Peer Leaders at Aspire Langston Hughes Academy in Stockton, Calif. also started their own podcast, the “Titan Talk,” discussing how students can keep growing and bettering themselves during this time at home. You’ll catch PeerForward Coaches, Cornelius and Christopher, as special guests joining the discussion, too!

Achieve Atlanta and Broward College Peer Leaders Keeping Peers on Track 

With college students already juggling jobs, classes, and supporting family, the recent job losses and changing class formats have made the road to graduation full of new obstacles for students. Our college Peer Leaders knew they needed to step in to give classmates tools to stay the course to complete their degree. That’s why PeerForward Ambassadors with Achieve Atlanta in Ga. took to hosting their own webinar titled, “ScholarThon,” where they discussed topics like “Motivation and Mindset,” “Email Etiquette,” and “Online Learning Tips” to help students thrive in this new virtual learning format. At Broward College, Peer Leaders performed virtual wellness checks with peers on their team, walking them through scholarship options, helping them apply to jobs and procure laptops through the college, and providing lists of free wi-fi locations, all to help their fellow students stay focused on earning a degree.

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