Our Leadership Team

Keith Frome, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Keith is a graduate of Harvard Divinity School (M.T.S., religion and education), and Columbia University (Ed.D., philosophy and education). In 1993, while teaching writing at Harvard College, he helped J.B. Schramm create and run a weekend college admissions workshop that became the noteworthy College... Read More

Jo Smith, President and Chief Operating Officer

As President and COO, Jo is leading the transformation of PeerForward operations to ensure long term sustainability and scalability. Since joining PeerForward in 2005, she has created an IT infrastructure that has supported the growth of the organization and directed and managed over $10 million... Read More

Sean Murray, Vice President of Partnerships and Marketing

Sean Murray oversees PeerForward’s efforts to expand school and district partnerships and the branding and messaging necessary to communicate the unique value of the program. Sean began working with PeerForward in 2004, and has held leadership roles in program and operations management. Outside of PeerForward,... Read More

Derek Canty, Co-founder

As a co-founder of PeerForward, Derek co-developed the in-school youth development tools and created the “Rap” motivational component of the organization’s summer workshop. He also helped spearhead the launch to scale the student-driven model to serve 1.8 million students over the next decade. After graduating... Read More

J.B. Schramm, Founder

J.B. is the founder of PeerForward and was its first CEO. Now, he is a managing partner of the Learn to Earn fund at New Profit, a venture philanthropy and social innovation organization that provides funding and strategic support to help the most promising social... Read More

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We’ve changed our name, but our mission and values are the same. After two decades of leveraging peer influence to guide more students to higher education, we’ve adopted a name that reflects the power of youth activation. Read more