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Geller and Company Provides Professional Development to Peer Leaders


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Learning in the age of virtual classrooms brings its own unique challenges, but as we adapt to digital spaces, we find new ways to connect with Peer Leaders and students. PeerForward aims to provide Peer Leaders with the knowledge and training to prepare them for college and career success. In an expansion of learning opportunities offered by PeerForward, our organization partnered with Geller & Company and Deloitte, LLP to provide professional development workshops.

Geller and Company began its series of virtual presentations in November 2020. The first workshop showed participants how to find the small personal connections that matter most to defining a career path or choosing a major. Participants were given the opportunity to talk to professionals about the skills most needed to build a strong foundation for their careers. As our Peer Leaders and their classmates continued to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), Geller and Company supplemented their experience by hosting a virtual workshop on financial literacy. According to the Center for First-Generation Student Success, “first-generation students report increased financial strain but lower financial knowledge, self-efficacy, and optimism relative to continuing-generation students.” After successful FAFSA Nights hosted by PeerForward, Peer Leaders who already completed their FAFSA took the time to further understand the financial impact and opportunities associated with college.

In February, Geller & Company resumed the series with workshops focusing on social media/cybersecurity and virtual job interviewing skills. Preparing for virtual interviews will be a skill critical to the success of students as they begin their return to campus. The workshop was led by Lindsey Levin and Jonathan Weber, both of whom have great familiarity with standing apart from other candidates as Geller and Company’s Talent Acquisition Manager and Recruiting Coordinator, respectively. Students were given useful advice about how recruiters identify talent and what each employer is looking for in a resume.

With more than 100 students registered, the series has been successful. As they continue, PeerForward hopes to gain insight into additional curriculum options to best support low-income students.