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Forward Thinker Spotlight: Breynia Darrell


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Meet this week’s Forward Thinker Spotlight: Breynia Darrell! Breynia is a senior at The Berkeley Institute in Bermuda. She attended her PeerForward Workshop at Nazareth University in July of 2023 and currently acts as the activity leader on her PeerForward team. We caught up with Breynia to ask about her experiences as a Peer Leader and what drives her to positively influence others:


Breynia Darrell in her Peer Leader name tag.

Why did you choose to be a positive influence on others?

I choose to be a positive influence because I believe it is a good way to help others. When I help others, it makes me feel good inside.

What’s one change you want to inspire in your school or community?

I would like for more of my peers to know about postsecondary options and feel prepared for life after high school.

What song, or song lyric, is your study jam?

I listen to anything Rod Wave.

SENIORS: In your own words what is a Peer Leader? At school, what moments have made you feel like a Peer Leader, if any?

A Peer Leader is a person who strives not just for their success, but for the success of others as well. A Peer Leader is someone who encourages and promotes postsecondary planning, whether it be getting a job or going off to college. They prepare you mentally and physically for what comes next, and guide you through all the steps you need to do in order to succeed. I feel like a Peer Leader when I’m just sitting in school and people randomly come up to me during my frees (free period) and ask if can I help them apply to college.


Breynia Darrell and her PeerForward team.

Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.