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Forward Thinker: Rasmalik “Razz” Armstrong


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Meet this week’s Forward Thinker Spotlight: Rasmalik “Razz” Armstrong!  Razz is the outreach manager for his PeerForward team and a senior at Cobble Hill High School. We caught up with him to ask about his experience as a Peer Leader and what drives him to help others. 

Can you please tell me your name, school, and role on your PeerForward team? 

Hi, my name is Razz. I’m an outreach manager and event planner for Cobble Hill High School PeerForward. My objective is to help my peers get into college. 

What is your superpower on your PeerForward team? 

A superpower that I have is reaching out to people that don’t know about the PeerForward organization. Many guys in my school didn’t join, so I went out and talked to them to see if they wanted to join the organization. 

Why did you choose to be a positive influence on others? 

I became a Peer Leader to help the people that are unsure of themselves and steer them in the right direction so that they know that they’re capable of choosing a career. I just like helping people too. 

At school, what moments have made you feel like a Peer Leader? 

When I recruit the guys that don’t know about PeerForward, whenever I go out and talk to them, I say “Hey, this is PeerForward. Do you want to be a Peer Leader? You can help your classmates next year because they’re mostly juniors.” I talk to them about what PeerForward is and how it will help them too. 

What is one thing that you want to see change at your school? 

I would like to see more active engagement. I want more people to be involved with each other. A strong community is when you’re able to talk to anybody and you have a baseline understanding of each other.  


Some answers have been modified for length and clarity.”