FAFSA First: PeerForward Teams Launch FAFSA Campaigns Around Oct 1 Launch

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) just opened on Oct 1, and already we’re seeing PeerForward teams firing off their “FAFSA First” campaigns like never before. From hosting info sessions at night to tabling during lunch, Peer Leaders utilize every moment they can to motivate their peers to file the FAFSA, the gateway to a vast majority of financial aid in this country. 

In fact, teams started their campaigns long before the Oct 1 opening date. As soon as the school year kicked off, teams ran events to inform all grade levels about financial aid and to encourage seniors to register for their FSA ID, a key step for applicant’s and their legal guardian to start filing the FAFSA. Back in September, the team at Oxon Hill High School in Maryland set up a FSA ID Drive at the Back-to-School Night.  Students and parents signed up for their FSA ID at a table run by Peer Leaders. After the success of that night, the Oxon Hill team committed to running more FSA ID Drives during their lunch hour. 

Teams also are using social media in creative ways to mobilize their peers to file the FAFSA. For example, the team at Washington Metropolitan High School in D.C. posted a “FAFSA Countdown” using the Instagram Countdown feature, allowing followers to set automatic reminders through the app and be notified on Oct 1 to file the FAFSA. From memes to informational reminders, PeerForward teams are flooding their feeds with FAFSA reminders.  

Even further, we’re witnessing teams widen their outreach to promote early filing for financial aid. The team at Public Service Community School in Los Angeles, Calif. organized an entire Financial Aid Workshop to include information about both the FAFSA and the California Dream Act, which expands some state student aid to undocumented students. Inviting parents and students, Peer Leaders incorporated activities learned at their PeerForward Summer Workshop, like “Tower of Power,” which teaches participants how to build upon different forms of financial aid to cover the total cost of college. 

Catch more highlights of team FAFSA Campaigns below: 


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