Education Excellence Features PeerForward’s Gary Linnen and Keith Frome


“Stop seeing students as problems to be solved and start seeing students as problem solvers.”  

-Keith Frome, CEO and Co-founder, PeerForward 


Education Excellence is an exciting new podcast highlighting innovative solutions to common issues educators face. The latest episode centers on PeerForward as a cutting-edge solution for providing students in low-income communities and under-resourced schools with the guidance they need to get to and through college, all while empowering student leaders to be the drivers of change.  

PeerForward CEO and Co-founder, Keith Frome, and Managing Director of Program Operations and Innovation, Gary Linnen, sat down with Education Excellence to discuss the evolution of PeerForward into an industry leader in leveraging positive peer influence to increase college access and, through its foundational concept of youth activation, tackle other challenges in schools as well. 

Hear more about peer influence, youth activation, and the ideas and passion that drive PeerForward here:  






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