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D.C. Area Peer Leaders Honored as Posse Scholars

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Two PeerForward Peer Leaders, Chidera Nnawuba and Matwos Tadesse, were awarded Posse Scholarship Awards at a January 8th ceremony at the Lincoln Theater in Washington, D.C. As part of the scholarship, The Posse Foundation selects high school seniors who display exceptional leadership qualities and sends them to college in groups called “posses”. These students go on to be admitted into competitive graduate programs and receive top jobs. Peer Leaders Chidera and Matwos will be completing a “Pre-Collegiate Training” from January to August of this year as part of their Posse Scholarship Award. These two scholars engage in workshops that prepare them to excel academically and continue being change-makers throughout their college journey.  Meet our exceptional Peer Leader Posse scholars here:

Chidera Nnawuba

Chidera is a vibrant, determined, and highly intelligent Peer Leader who pours his time, care, and commitment into the lives of his peers and educators with his selfless approach to solving problems in his community. He currently is a senior at Largo High School in Upper Marlboro, Md. and completed his PeerForward Summer Workshop in the summer of 2019 at NOVA Southeastern University. Quickly after the school year set in, Chidera hit the ground running and pushed pass the norm by motivating his classmates to go to college and helping to cultivate a college-going culture in his community. He does all this while playing basketball, serving on Principal Dr. Afie Mirshah’s advisory team for the Senior class, and completing his duties in other clubs and organizations as well. “None of this would be possible without the guidance of my mom, educators, and community leaders,” he says of his accomplishments. Chidera recently announced his commitment to Bucknell University, where he will continue to play basketball.

Matwos Tadesse

Matwos is a senior at Roosevelt STAY Opportunity Academy in Washington, D.C. He completed his PeerForward Summer Workshop in 2019 at Washington College, taking with him the training and inspiration needed to push past obstacles to not only secure a better future for himself, but to aid his peers to do the same as well. Matwos recently announced his acceptance into Lafayette College with the Posse Scholarship. “I would like to thank my counselors for believing in me when I felt like no one else could or would. This is just the beginning,” he says.



We know Chidera and Matwos are on the path to great success as Posse Scholars, just like the Peer Leaders who have been Posse Scholars that have come before them, like Clennie Murphy, a current junior at Lafayette College on a Posse scholarship and a PeerForward alumna.

Clennie Murphy

Clennie completed his Peer Leader workshop in the summer of 2016 at The University of Maryland Baltimore College. He has interned at schools in Madagascar, started his own club to implement brotherhood among the black community at Lafayette College, became a member of Omega Si Phi Fraternity, Inc., and currently is studying abroad in South Africa for the Spring semester. Being a part of PeerForward taught Clennie the value of peer support, and he sees that continued with his peer Posse Scholarship recipients. After graduating college, Clennie plans to become a Special Education Teacher, open his own charter school, and continue to serve in his community.