PeerForward Receives Major Grants from Carnegie, Fossil and Stupski Foundations to Scale Student-Driven Program

PeerForward is pleased to announce three significant grants from Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Fossil Foundation and the Stupski Foundation, all focused on scaling our student–driven program to impact more than 1.8 million students from low-income communities over the next decade.

Carnegie Corporation, America’s oldest grant making foundation, has always been invested in the advancement of education and knowledge, specifically how the decisions we make today will have a direct impact on our program and future generations of young people. Carnegie’s $150,000 investment in PeerForward will play a crucial role in shaping our larger college-access vision, as we work alongside each other to promote college success and drive systematic change around the nation.

The Fossil Foundation was one of the earliest investors in the formation and design of PeerForward. In addition to monetary support, their team’s creative expertise helped inform the core design and branding. This new investment of $400,000 illustrates Fossil’s ongoing commitment to scaling PeerForward to impact over 100,000 students from low-income communities each year.

Janiece Evans-Page, Vice President of Fossil Global Giving, Head of the Fossil Foundation and a member of the College Summit Board of Directors said, “At Fossil, we have always believed in unleashing the power of young people, and through our work with PeerForward we have witnessed the power of peer influence first-hand. Collaborating with PeerForward has been incredibly rewarding, and we look forward to witnessing its expansion and effect across the country.”

Based in San Francisco, the Stupski Foundation is dedicated to transforming the lives of students from low-income communities across the state. In addition to sponsoring the collection and evaluation of metrics and milestones for the first year of PeerForward, the Stupski Foundation’s gift of $300,000 will facilitate PeerForward’s work in Northern California, particularly within the Oakland Unified School District.

“These are three of the most respected and impactful foundations in the nation, who believe in the power of student-driven change,” said Keith Frome Ed.D, CEO and Co-founder of PeerForward. “This is the kind of support that not only changes the lives of young people, but ultimately entire communities as well.”

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