Charles H. Flowers High School Peer Leaders Lead Session on “Positive Peer Influence: Navigating High School”

Peer influence has the power to change the course of a student’s life in high school and beyond. Our Peer Leaders are experts at using their peer influence to steer classmates in a positive direction by encouraging them to pursue postsecondary education and connecting them to the resources for a successful academic journey. The PeerForward team at Charles H. Flowers High School saw the perfect opportunity to spread their knowledge of the power of positive peer influence at a Feb. 13th College and Career Readiness Night organized by Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS.)  

The night brought together guidance counselorseducators, and upperclassman high school students to run informative sessions for 8th and 9thgrade students and families in the PGCPS district. Peer Leaders at Charles H. Flowers High School were inspired to lead their own session titled, “Positive Influence: Navigating High School” to guide students through the increasing peer pressure that can arise throughout high school.

During the session, Peer Leaders walked students and families through different scenarios where students might confront negative peer pressure, and shared positive ways to navigate themPeer Leaders also presented their “do’s and don’ts” for high school, encouraging students to seek uplifting friend groups of students with like-minded goals and to take their academics and attendance seriously so they can be in the best position to qualify for more opportunities after high school.  

In closing the night, Peer Leader LaTreil Wimberly shared his own story of how positive peer influence guided him to become a Peer Leader, and why he continues that legacy of influencing those younger than him now. “I was on the football team and I had someone I looked up to as a brother, his name was Tizlam. He was a Peer Leader and I saw how he was encouraging other people to apply for college or to find other paths to go through life, like the military or the workforce. When I saw how he was influencing people, I saw that I should do that, too. And not just with my friends, but I should help other people in other places to go to the next level, too.” he shared. My senior year so far has been great. I’ve earned 13 D1 scholarships and last week I signed to Lehigh University in Florida to play football and continue my academic career!

Peer Leader LaTreil Wimberly

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